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Statistics about the user-entered text. Try it nowopen in new window.

DocumentStats is available only on the Plus plan. Learn moreopen in new window about our plans.

interface DocumentStats {
  charsCount: number;
  readabilityScore: number;
  readingTime: Time;
  speakingTime: Time;
  suggestionsCount: number;
  wordsCount: number;


charsCountType: number

Current number of characters, including whitespace.

readabilityScoreType: number

Readability score using the Flesch reading-ease testopen in new window.

Higher scores indicate material that is easier to read. The range for typical text is 0–100, but we surface the exact score, even if lower or higher.

readabilityScore should only be used with longer texts.

readingTimeType: Time

Expected time needed by an average reader to read the text (250 wpm).

speakingTimeType: Time

Expected time needed by an average speaker to speak the text aloud (130 wpm).

suggestionsCountType: number

Current number of suggestions.

wordsCountType: number

Current number of words.

Last Updated: 4/12/2023, 3:24:55 PM