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The style or type of writing to be analyzed.

You can select the style of the document that best corresponds to the type of writing you're analyzing in order to get the most accurate and relevant suggestions:

  • academic: Designed to analyze text against stricter, academic writing criteria.

  • business: Designed to analyze text against formal writing criteria.

  • general: Designed for a medium level of strictness. This is the default domain.

  • mail: Designed to help ensure that your email communication is engaging.

  • casual: Designed for informal types of writing and ignores most style issues.

  • creative: Designed to intentionally bend grammar rules to achieve certain effects.

For more information, see What is domain/document type?open in new window

Used by Config and EditorConfig.

declare type Domain = "academic" | "business" | "general" | "mail" | "casual" | "creative";
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