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Configuration to customize the Grammarly integration per Editor instance.

interface EditorConfig {
  activation?: "focus" | "immediate";
  autocomplete?: "on" | "off";
  documentDialect?: Dialect;
  documentDomain?: Domain;
  introText?: string;
  oauthRedirectUri?: string;
  suggestionCards?: "on" | "off";
  suggestionCategories?: SuggestionCategories;
  toneDetector?: "on" | "off";
  underlines?: "on" | "off";
  userFeedback?: "on" | "off";


activationoptionalType: "focus" | "immediate"Default: "focus"

Activation strategy used by the Editor Plugin

  • focus: Plugin activates once the text field is focused

  • immediate: Plugin activates immediately

Since: v2.0.0

autocompleteoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Offer to complete phrases for your users as they type. Learn moreopen in new window

Autocomplete is not currently supported for <input> fields.

If you have a Content Security Policy (CSP), you will need to update it as described hereopen in new window.

Since: v1.7.0

Autocomplete is available only on the Plus plan. Learn moreopen in new window about our plans.

documentDialectoptionalType: DialectDefault: "auto-browser"

Which English dialect should be assumed?

Since: v1.6.3

documentDomainoptionalType: DomainDefault: "general"

What is the style or type of writing?

Since: v1.6.3

introTextoptionalType: stringDefault: "Grammarly helps you write clearly and mistake-free."

Text shown to introduce first-time users to Grammarly.

This introductory text shows in the footer of suggestion cards until the user first accepts or dismisses a suggestion.

Since: v1.6.3

oauthAssertionProviderexperimentaloptionalType: string | (() => Promise<{ assertion: string; }>)

OAuth assertion to verify ownership of the clientId.

Since: v1.10.2

oauthRedirectUrioptionalType: string

URI to redirect to after successful account connection.

Since: v1.6.3

suggestionCardsoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Show suggestion cards when a user hovers over a suggestion underline.

Since: v1.9.0

suggestionCategoriesoptionalType: SuggestionCategories

Categories of suggestions that can be muted.

Muting suggestion categories is available only on the Plus plan. Learn moreopen in new window about our plans.

toneDetectoroptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Show the tone detector interface (beside the Grammarly button).

Note that tone detection requires a text of at least 150 characters.

Since: v1.8.3

Tone detector is available only on the Plus plan. Learn moreopen in new window about our plans.

underlinesoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Show underlines for suggestions.

Since: v1.9.2

userFeedbackoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Collect user feedback after the user takes action on 5 suggestions.

We will not request feedback more than once in a 30 day period.

Since: v1.8.3

User feedback is required for the Free plan. Learn moreopen in new window about our plans.

Last Updated: 2/2/2023, 4:52:56 PM