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<grammarly-button> is a web component that allows you to place the Grammarly button in a custom position in your app.

declare class GrammarlyButtonElement extends HTMLElement {
  get menuPosition(): MenuPosition | undefined;
  get tonePosition(): TonePosition | undefined;


menuPositionType: MenuPosition | undefinedDefault: "left"

Position of the Grammarly button menu relative to the Grammarly button.

Since: v2.1.0


<grammarly-button menu-position="left"></grammarly-button>
tonePositionType: TonePosition | undefinedDefault: "left"

The position of the tone detectoropen in new window (if present) relative to the Grammarly button.


<grammarly-button tone-position="left"></grammarly-button>
Last Updated: 11/2/2022, 11:12:26 PM