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Categories of suggestions that can be muted.

Keep the following rules in mind when muting suggestion categories:

  • The following categories are turned "off" by default: conjunctionAtStartOfSentence, informalPronounsAcademic, oxfordComma, passiveVoice, prepositionAtTheEndOfSentence, stylisticFragments, and unnecessaryEllipses.

  • If a category is set to "off", any suggestions belonging to that category will be muted (not visible to the user).

  • If a user has connected their Grammarly account to your application, the full set of customized suggestions from their user profile will always take precedence.

  • Muting suggestion categories is available only on the Plus plan. Learn moreopen in new window about our plans.

Used by Config and EditorConfig.

interface SuggestionCategories {
  conjunctionAtStartOfSentence?: "on" | "off";
  fluency?: "on" | "off";
  informalPronounsAcademic?: "on" | "off";
  missingSpaces?: "on" | "off";
  nounStrings?: "on" | "off";
  numbersBeginningSentences?: "on" | "off";
  numbersZeroThroughTen?: "on" | "off";
  oxfordComma?: "on" | "off";
  passiveVoice?: "on" | "off";
  personFirstLanguage?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyBiasedLanguageAgeRelated?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyBiasedLanguageDisabilityRelated?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyBiasedLanguageFamilyRelated?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyBiasedLanguageGenderRelated?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyBiasedLanguageHumanRights?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyBiasedLanguageHumanRightsRelated?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyBiasedLanguageLGBTQIARelated?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyBiasedLanguageRaceEthnicityRelated?: "on" | "off";
  possiblyPoliticallyIncorrectLanguage?: "on" | "off";
  prepositionAtTheEndOfSentence?: "on" | "off";
  punctuationWithQuotation?: "on" | "off";
  readabilityFillerWords?: "on" | "off";
  readabilityTransforms?: "on" | "off";
  sentenceVariety?: "on" | "off";
  spacesSurroundingSlash?: "on" | "off";
  splitInfinitive?: "on" | "off";
  stylisticFragments?: "on" | "off";
  unnecessaryEllipses?: "on" | "off";
  variety?: "on" | "off";
  vocabulary?: "on" | "off";


conjunctionAtStartOfSentenceoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Flags use of conjunctions such as "but" and "and" at the beginning of sentences.

fluencyoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests ways to sound more natural and fluent.

informalPronounsAcademicoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Flags use of personal pronouns such as "I" and "you" in academic writing.

missingSpacesoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests adding missing spacing after a numeral when writing times.

nounStringsoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Flags a series of nouns that modify a final noun.

The {store manager policy handbook update meeting } is tomorrow.

numbersBeginningSentencesoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests spelling out numbers at the beginning of sentences.

numbersZeroThroughTenoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests spelling out numbers zero through ten.

oxfordCommaoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Suggests adding the Oxford comma after the second-to-last item in a list of things.

passiveVoiceoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Flags use of passive voice.

personFirstLanguageoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests using person-first language to refer respectfully to an individual with a disability.

possiblyBiasedLanguageAgeRelatedoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to potentially biased language related to older adults.

possiblyBiasedLanguageDisabilityRelatedoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to potentially ableist language.

possiblyBiasedLanguageFamilyRelatedoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to potentially biased language related to parenting and family systems.

Quinn hoped to meet their { real father => birth father } one day.

possiblyBiasedLanguageGenderRelatedoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to potentially gender-biased and non-inclusive phrasing.

possiblyBiasedLanguageHumanRightsoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to language related to human slavery.

My professor wrote a book about { slaves => enslaved people } in America.

possiblyBiasedLanguageHumanRightsRelatedoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to terms with origins in the institution of slavery.

The apartment’s { master => main|primary } bedroom has a view of the sea.

possiblyBiasedLanguageLGBTQIARelatedoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Flags LGBTQIA+-related terms that may be seen as biased, outdated, or disrespectful in some contexts.

possiblyBiasedLanguageRaceEthnicityRelatedoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to potentially biased language related to race and ethnicity.

possiblyPoliticallyIncorrectLanguageoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to language that may be considered politically incorrect.

prepositionAtTheEndOfSentenceoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Flags use of prepositions such as "with" and "in" at the end of sentences.

punctuationWithQuotationoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests placing punctuation before closing quotation marks.

readabilityFillerWordsoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Flags long, complicated sentences that could potentially confuse your reader.

readabilityTransformsoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests splitting long, complicated sentences that could potentially confuse your reader.

sentenceVarietyoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Flags series of sentences that follow the same pattern.

I read an interesting book recently. It was about computers. I usually read novels.

spacesSurroundingSlashoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests removing extra spaces surrounding a slash.

I just wanted to send a { reminder / follow-up => reminder/follow-up }.

splitInfinitiveoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests rewriting split infinitives so that an adverb doesn't come between "to" and the verb.

stylisticFragmentsoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Suggests completing all incomplete sentences, including stylistic sentence fragments that may be intentional.

unnecessaryEllipsesoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "off"

Flags unnecessary use of ellipses (...).

varietyoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to words that occur frequently in the same paragraph.

vocabularyoptionalType: "on" | "off"Default: "on"

Suggests alternatives to bland and overused words such as "good" and "nice".

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