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Categories of suggestions that can be muted.

false means any suggestions belonging to that category will be "muted" (not visible to the user)

interface SuggestionCategories {
  ConjunctionAtStartOfSentence?: boolean;
  Fluency?: boolean;
  InformalPronounsAcademic?: boolean;
  MissingSpaces?: boolean;
  OxfordComma?: boolean;
  PassiveVoice?: boolean;
  PersonFirstLanguage?: boolean;
  PossiblyBiasedLanguage?: boolean;
  PossiblyBiasedLanguageGenderRelated?: boolean;
  PossiblyBiasedLanguageLgbtRelated?: boolean;
  PossiblyOutdatedLanguageLgbtRelated?: boolean;
  PrepositionAtTheEndOfSentence?: boolean;
  PunctuationWithQuotation?: boolean;
  ReadabilityFillerwords?: boolean;
  ReadabilityTransforms?: boolean;
  ReclaimedLanguage?: boolean;
  SplitInfinitive?: boolean;
  StylisticFragments?: boolean;
  UnnecessaryEllipses?: boolean;
  Variety?: boolean;
  Vocabulary?: boolean;


ConjunctionAtStartOfSentence optionalboolean
Flags use of conjunctions like "but" or "and" at the beginning of sentences.
Default: false

Fluency optionalboolean
Suggests ways to sound more natural and fluent.
Default: true

InformalPronounsAcademic optionalboolean
Flags use of personal pronouns like "I" or "you" in academic writing.
Default: false

MissingSpaces optionalboolean
Suggests adding spacing when writing times (9 am instead of 9am).
Default: true

OxfordComma optionalboolean
Flags missing Oxford commas, also known as serial commas.
Default: false

PassiveVoice optionalboolean
Flags instances of passive voice use.
Default: true

PersonFirstLanguage optionalboolean
Suggests respectful, person-first language.
Default: true

PossiblyBiasedLanguage optionalboolean
Offers alternatives to potentially outdated or biased descriptions.
Default: true

PossiblyBiasedLanguageGenderRelated optionalboolean
Suggests alternatives to potentially gender-biased phrasing.
Default: true

PossiblyBiasedLanguageLgbtRelated optionalboolean
Flags LGBTQIA+-related terms that may be seen as disrespectful.
Default: true

PossiblyOutdatedLanguageLgbtRelated optionalboolean
Flags LGBTQIA+-related terms that may be seen as outdated, clinical, or not fully accepted in some contexts.
Default: true

PrepositionAtTheEndOfSentence optionalboolean
Flags prepositions that fall at the end of a sentence.
Default: false

PunctuationWithQuotation optionalboolean
Flags instances of punctuation falling after quotation marks.
Default: true

ReadabilityFillerwords optionalboolean
Identifies hard-to-read sentences.
Default: true

ReadabilityTransforms optionalboolean
Suggests splitting hard-to-read sentences to improve readability.
Default: true

ReclaimedLanguage optionalboolean
Flags reclaimed LGBTQIA+-related terms that may still be seen as disrespectful in some contexts.
Default: true

SplitInfinitive optionalboolean
Suggests rewriting phrases to avoid split infinitives.
Default: true

StylisticFragments optionalboolean
Suggests completing all sentence fragments, including some that may be using intentionally.
Default: false

UnnecessaryEllipses optionalboolean
Flags unnecessary use of ellipses (...).
Default: false

Variety optionalboolean
Suggests alternatives to overused words.
Default: true

Vocabulary optionalboolean
Suggests more vivid vocabulary.
Default: true

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