See the getting started guide for installation options.


init(clientId, config)Initialize Grammarly and start using SDK.
ClientIdIdentifier used to authenticate with Grammarly.
ConfigConfiguration to customize the Grammarly integration.
DialectSpecific variety of English being written.
DocumentStatsStatistics about the user-entered text.
EditorConfigConfiguration to customize the Grammarly integration per editor instance.
EventCustom event
EventEmitterEmits events much like Node's EventEmitteropen in new window.
EventListenerEvent handler callback
MarkupA list of MarkupChild.
MarkupChildSemantic markup like HTML but easier to parse and restricted to an allow list.
RichTextRich text format for representing documents and changes (based on Quill's deltaopen in new window).
RichTextAttributesMetadata or semantics for an InsertOperation.
SDKEstablishes a connection with Grammarly and creates Sessions for further interaction.
SessionEventsEvents emitted by Session.
SessionStatsStatistics about the Grammarly session.
SuggestionCategoriesCategories of suggestions that can be muted.
TextRangeA range of text represented by start and end offsets. Ranges are half open intervals [start, end), that means end is not included.
Last Updated: 4/12/2023, 3:24:55 PM