Developer Brand Kit

Please read our Grammarly for Developers Terms of Serviceopen in new window for detailed information on the usage of our brand elements. Please follow the guidelines below when creating any communication or documentation related to our Text Editor SDK. The guidelines on this page apply to all uses of Grammarly's brand marks (our products, logos, and trademarks) in apps or products using our API.

You don't need our permission to reference how your application interacts with our product, as long as you follow the guidelines found on this page and in any related documentation. Please contact our support team with questions.

Using Grammarly's logo and brandmarks

You may only use the Grammarly marks on the portion of your website or application that directly relates to Grammarly services. Marks may also be used in communication materials that relate specifically to Grammarly features. When doing so, please follow these rules.

Clarity in branding

Do not display the Grammarly logo as the most prominent brand element within your product or content. It should be clear that Grammarly is not the owner of your product and or source of marketing materials.

Safe space, padding, and placement

The ideal clear space for the logomark is determined by 100% the diameter of the Grammarly "G" logomark on all sides.

Ideal Grammarly Button

The full color logo should only be used on black or white. When using our logo on another color or over photography, always ensure that the logo sits on an area of the photograph sufficiently dark to provide maximum contrast. You may only use the logos shown above. Use of these logos is governed by the Grammarly for Developers Terms of Serviceopen in new window.

Do not modify or recreate our logo or alter it in any way. Do not lock the Grammarly logo with your own, or overlap our logo with other elements.
Do not use the Grammarly name or any variant of the word Grammarly in conjunction with the overall name of your application.
Do not use Grammarly branding images in conjunction with the overall name or description of your application, product, or service.

Naming and describing your application

Don't use Grammarly product names as part of your name, and don't modify any of our trademarks. The name of your app, product, or company should be wholly your own. Refer to our terms of service for additional in new window

You're welcome to say suggestions are "powered by Grammarly."

Your product logo or icon should be wholly your own. Do not use the name Grammarly or our brand marks in your logo. Refer to our terms of service for additional in new window


For more definitions and associated terminology, check out the Grammarly for Developers glossary.

GrammarlyThe company, organization, and team behind the product and technology.
Writing assistance or writing suggestionsAn improvement to the user's text surfaced by Grammarly.
Grammarly for DevelopersThe platform that provides tools for developers to integrate Grammarly's communication assistance into their applications.
The Grammarly Text Editor SDKThe suite of functions and services that bring real-time writing suggestions to any text editors inside your app.
Grammarly's APIShorthand for the Grammarly Text Editor SDK and related services. OK to use in casual reference.
The Grammarly buttonThe 'G' button in your Grammarly for Developers app shows the status of Grammarly's suggestions and opens a settings menu.

Product depiction

You may use standard, unaltered screenshots of Grammarly suggestions for illustrative or informative purposes related to your app or service within your app. Developers shouldn't show Grammarly products outside of their app experience. It should be clear in product depictions that Grammarly only provides the writing assistance features.

Brand resources

Download the Grammarly logoopen in new window

Read the Grammarly for Developers Terms of Serviceopen in new window

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