Grammarly Text Editor SDK for Desktop Clients (Electron)

You can use the Grammarly Text Editor SDK in desktop applications built on Electronopen in new window.

Screenshot of an Electron application where a text field has Grammarly-provided suggestions

Installation and usage

Installing and using the Text Editor SDK in your Electron application works the same way as it does for a web application. For more details on how to install and use the SDK, visit the reference that matches your application’s tech stack:

Content Security Policy

You may need to adjust your application’s Content Security Policyopen in new window in order for the SDK to work. See the FAQ for more details.

Connected accounts

To allow your users to connect their Grammarly accounts to your application, turn on connected accounts. You will need to configure connected accounts in both the App Console and your application code. See configuring connected accounts for desktop clients (Electron) for details.


Visit the API reference for additional configuration details.

Electron compatibility

The Text Editor SDK supports desktop applications built on Electron 12.0.0+.


Example applications are available in the Grammarly for Developers GitHub repositoryopen in new window:

Preparing for production

Before making your app available in a production environment, please take note of the recommendations in Securing Your Integration.

Last Updated: 5/31/2023, 3:59:28 PM