This page details how you can ask questions, report bugs, and share feedback about the Grammarly Text Editor SDK.

Bug reports

To file bug reports, please create an issueopen in new window in the Grammarly for Developers GitHub repository with details and reproducible steps.

Urgent support

If you need urgent support or have a question specific to your account or application that you want to raise with us one-on-one, please open a support ticketopen in new window.

Version support

At this time, we recommend migrating to a 2.x version of the Text Editor SDK, as all new feature development occurs on that major version. Only critical bug fixes are ported back to the 1.x versions.

For more information, check out the following pages:

Discussion board

You can connect with members of our team and our developer community in the Grammarly for Developers discussion boardopen in new window on GitHub to ask questions, discuss best practices, and more.

Product feedback

To share ideas for new features, go to the Ideas category of the discussion boardopen in new window. Here, you can vote on existing ideas from other members of our developer community and also create new discussions for new ideas.

Documentation feedback

To leave feedback on the public documentation, please use the "Rate this page" footer at the bottom of every Grammarly for Developers documentation page. You can also create a documentation issueopen in new window in the Grammarly for Developers GitHub repository.

Last Updated: 6/6/2023, 12:27:11 AM