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UIConfig deprecated

Configuration for the user interface of Grammarly.

Deprecated: since v1.6.7

interface UIConfig {
  introText?: string;
  showToneDetector?: boolean;


introText deprecated optionalstring
Text shown to introduce first-time users to Grammarly.

This introductory text shows in the footer of the first shown suggestion card as well as in the Grammarly button menu.
Default: "Grammarly helps you write clearly and mistake-free."
Deprecated: since v1.6.7 - Moved to EditorConfig

showToneDetector deprecated optionalboolean
Show the tone detector interface (beside the Grammarly button).

Note that tone detection requires a text of at least 150 characters.
Default: false
Deprecated: since v1.6.7 - Moved to EditorConfig

Last Updated: 4/12/2023, 3:24:55 PM