To help you understand how your users interact with the Grammarly Text Editor Plugin in your app, we provide a dashboard with monitoring and analytics.

Accessing the dashboard

When you select an application from My Appsopen in new window, the dashboard will open. You can also click Dashboard in the navigation menu.


To let you monitor live interactions with the plugin, the New writing sessions chart tracks the writing sessions in your application over the past four hours. Data is updated every minute; refreshing the page will update the chart.

Chart showing new user sessions in the past four hours

A new session starts when a user writes or edits more than five words in an editor that uses the plugin. A session ends when the user exits your app or is inactive for more than five minutes.


In addition to monitoring, the dashboard includes several analytics charts that summarize user activity over the past 30 days. These charts are updated every 24 hours.

Unique users

The Unique users chart shows how many unique users (anonymous and connected) have used the plugin in your app in the past 30 days. To be counted here, the user must have written or edited more than five words in an editor that uses the plugin.

Chart showing the number of anonymous and connected users on each day over the past 30 days

User ratings

The User ratings chart shows the average rating for how valuable your users find the plugin, on a scale of one to five stars. Ratings are collected from in-app user feedback surveys.

Average user ratings over the past 30 days as a star rating out of five

Words checked

The Words checked chart shows how many words Grammarly has checked in your app. Each word entered in a text field is counted. Additionally, if a user modifies a sentence that Grammarly previously checked, Grammarly may recheck the entire sentence to see if any new suggestions are needed.

The number of words checked by the plugin over the past 30 days


Three charts display insights about Grammarly suggestions:

Suggestions shown is the total number of suggestions delivered to your users in the past 30 days across all the editors in your application that use the plugin.

The number of suggestions shown to users over the past 30 days

Suggestion breakdown shows the distribution of suggestions across categories.

A pie chart showing how suggestions are distributed across categories

Suggestion engagement shows a breakdown of how users have interacted with suggestions:

  • Addressed: The number of suggestions that users accepted or resolved manually by directly editing the text
  • Dismissed: The number of suggestions that users dismissed or reported as incorrect or offensive
  • Unresolved: The number of suggestions that users have neither addressed nor dismissed

The chart can be filtered by suggestion category.

A pie chart showing how suggestions are distributed across interaction types

Last Updated: 4/12/2023, 3:24:55 PM