With autocomplete suggestions, Grammarly offers to complete phrases as someone types, helping them communicate more efficiently.

When you turn on the autocomplete feature for the Grammarly Text Editor Plugin, Grammarly's autocomplete suggestions will appear in your editor.

Autocomplete can also help users fill in the appropriate emoji suggestions. 😎

Autocomplete is only available for apps on the Plus plan. Learn moreopen in new window about our plans.

How it works

Autocomplete suggestions appear as light gray text when Grammarly detects words that are likely to complete the user's phrase.

The user can apply the suggestion using either the Tab or right arrow key.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Autocomplete suggestions only appear when Grammarly is confident that the suggestion is appropriate for the context. Conversational writing is more likely to result in autocomplete suggestions than other types of writing.
  • The plugin will only show autocomplete suggestions at the end of a message or body of text.
  • The plugin will not show autocomplete suggestions for <input> elements.
  • By default, autocomplete suggestions include emoji suggestions. To turn on autocomplete for text only, use the "text" value in your configuration.
  • Your users can turn autocomplete on or off anytime from the Grammarly button menu.

Emoji autocomplete

As of version 2.4.0, in addition to completing phrases, autocomplete can help your users quickly insert emojis. ✅

Emoji autocomplete appears when the user types a colon : followed by two or more letters. A card will show a list of up to 20 emojis, filtered by the letters entered after the colon. Note that the colon must be preceded by a blank space, new line, or another emoji for the suggestion to appear.

The user can choose an emoji from the list with their cursor. Or, from the keyboard, they can navigate the list with the up and down arrow keys and insert the emoji with the right arrow key, Tab, or Enter. The user can also write out the full emoji name, ending in a colon, to insert it (e.g. :smile: for 😄).


To turn on the autocomplete feature for the plugin, use the autocomplete configuration option.

If your application has a Content Security Policyopen in new window, you may need to update it to allow autocomplete. See the Grammarly FAQ for more details.


As of version 2.4.0, the "on" value includes emoji autocomplete suggestions. To turn off emoji autocomplete and keep autocomplete for text suggestions, set the Autocomplete value to "text". To turn off autocomplete functionality and keep emoji suggestions, use the "emoji" value.


Give autocomplete a try by navigating to our online demo. Click inside the large textarea, and type the word "the" at the end of the prefilled text. Autocomplete will suggest a phrase to finish the sentence.

Here are a few other starting points you might want to try:

  • "I will let"
  • "What is your take"
  • "How does this week"

You can try emoji autocomplete in the same demo. On a new line or after an empty character (blank space), type the colon character : and two letters, like :ap. If there is a match, autocomplete will suggest an emoji to insert into the text.

Here are additional starting points for testing. Complete the emoji strings with a colon :.

  • 🙌: Thank you for the help! :raised-hands
  • 🥪: Want to grab lunch? :sandwich
Last Updated: 5/31/2023, 4:13:43 PM