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Deliver high-quality writing assistance with Grammarly's SDK

With the Grammarly Text Editor SDK, you can bring real-time writing support to your app by adding just a few lines of code.

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  • Use the API to add a complete writing assistance experience to any web-based text editor.

  • Deliver comprehensive writing suggestions in your web and desktop applications with ease.

  • Feel confident in a product with tens of millions of daily users and validated security practices.

Companies across the web are using the Grammarly Text Editor SDK to improve user communication

Developers are using the Text Editor SDK in these applications every day to help their users improve their writing: product reviews, content marketing, emails, marketplace listings, and more.

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“Grammarly has been one of the easiest third-party plugins I've ever implemented.”

Alyce Dawson

Software Developer at

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“After integrating Grammarly, it quickly became one of the most popular integrations inside Mailbird and continues to gain more and more users every day.”

Pawel Majda

Product Manager at Mailbird

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“I was able to integrate the Text Editor SDK in just a few minutes, providing our largest customers with advanced writing suggestions, powered by Grammarly, all within the Letterdrop app.”

Parthi Loganathan

CEO of Letterdrop

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When users write clearly, you get increased engagement with less friction

Your end users can write with confidence when you add the plugin to your app. Use one of our three APIs to give writers of all skill levels the communication assistance they need.
Learn more in the Grammarly for Developers documentation.

  • Make high-stakes writing feel easy

    The plugin lets you deliver best-in-class writing assistance in your app—helping people communicate clearly. Grammarly provides real-time suggestions through an elegant, pre-built UI that takes just minutes to integrate.

  • Help users contribute more valuable content

    With the plugin embedded in your desktop or web app, your end users can create more effective content more efficiently. Help them move faster and get the outcomes they want—while reducing your need for time-consuming manual site moderation.

Give your users writing support that's trusted around the world

From fixing spelling, grammar, and clarity issues to offering actionable feedback on fluency, conciseness, and tone, Grammarly's SDK leverages the advanced writing support that tens of millions of people and over 50,000 teams rely on every day.